Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. I decided to get back up where I left off. Here’s some kittens in teacups!


A Site, A New Friend

I love making new friends and making people feel good about their hard work. If you guys could hop on over to this website about parakeets then you would be making this persons day. https://plainparakeet.wordpress.com/

New Blog!

I have just today started a new blog! Its called This Or That. In this new blog I will ask questions that are sure to make you think about what you want! The website address  is thisorthat21.wordpress.com!


If you know what a Pikachu is shout Pikachu in the comments box!

This is a Pikachu from Pokémon: pika.png

This is my Pikachu hat:P1010274.JPG It is this kind of hat:pik-hat

This is the PikaBug™:P1010167.JPG