In Newberry all the power went out for eighteen hours. We ended up heading outside where it was cooler. Then me and my brother played Talisman with the grim reaper and woodland expansions. And then laying on the couch complaining about how hot was. And then we ate ice cream soup (melted ice cream). And then played Exploding kittens. And then left the house for the Starbucks at town of Tioga. But sure enough it was jam packed so we went to the royal park movie theater. But everything was already playing at 4:21. So we went to the movie theater at regal butler plaza. And we were just in time to see the secret life of pets. When we came out of the movie theater it was about 6:45. Then we went to Lowes and left about 7:50ish. Then we got dinner and headed home. Because at about 8:00 PM the power came back on! YAHOO!!!!


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